Universal Access to Care for Children

WHEREAS prevention is the foundation of all public health activities and is the cornerstone of a sustainable health care system

WHEREAS almost all oral diseases are preventable and because oral health is strongly linked to overall health and well-being

WHEREAS each year significant number of hours are lost from school, work and normal activities due to preventable oral diseases

WHEREAS childhood tooth decay is the most common reason for day surgery among young children, which are almost entirely avoidable if appropriate access to dental care is available.

WHEREAS between 2010 and 2012, Ontario has spent an average of $1408 per child and a total of more than $13 million for dental treatments delivered in hospitals.

WHEREAS current government funded programs provide dental coverage merely on a financial basis leaving behind significant number of children and youth without any access to appropriate dental care.

Therefore, OAPHD believes that oral health would be better positioned as a health issue, not a ‘benefit’. Strong health promotion and direct preventive service delivery will help to reduce eventual treatment costs for the medical system, publicly-funded dental programs, families and tax payers.