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  • Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program

    Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program

    Low-income seniors are a particularly vulnerable population with unique oral health needs. The Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program (OSDCP) will provide needed dental services to this population group. This program is intended to help reduce unnecessary trips to the hospital, prevent chronic disease and increase quality of life for seniors in Ontario. A group of…

  • Where to get help for dental problems

    Where to get help for dental problems

    Find a senior’s friendly dentist. You want to establish an ongoing relationship with someone who will look after your oral health needs for the rest of your life. You should attend a dentist in your community, who has easy access with no or few stairs. Some dentists specialize in looking after seniors. If you think…

  • Senior’s Oral Health Care

    Senior’s Oral Health Care

    With many of today’s seniors having all or most of their own teeth, regular dental care is an important part of health promotion and disease prevention. Teeth often get cavities around the necks of the crown – this is where the crown and root meet at the gums. This area can become sensitive with age…

  • Senior’s Oral Health

    Senior’s Oral Health

    Seniors face a number of obstacles that prevent adequate oral health care. Barriers can include dentists closing their practices, seniors moving away from their dentists, and the false perception that seniors do not require professional dental care. Oral Health Care Tips for taking care or your oral health Getting Help Where to get help for…

  • Adult’s Oral Health

    Adult’s Oral Health

    Toothbrushing and Flossing Daily:  A simple 2 minutes exercise that can:  Periodontal Health or Healthy Gums There is now some research showing an association between unhealthy gums (periodontal diseases) and some common systemic conditions. The most concerning are the links to heart disease and stroke, to diabetes and to chronic lung conditions. There is also…

  • Children’s Oral Health

    Children’s Oral Health

    Share the Love, Share the Water video Fluoride: Cavity Fighter Infographic From Drool to School video Manitoba Dental Association: “We Be Brushin’ ” No More Nasties: Brushing for Kids video Oral Health Education Resources for Teachers and Educators from Halton Region Public Health

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  • Infant’s Oral Health

    Infant’s Oral Health

    Early Childhood Tooth Decay (ECTD): You can keep your child’s teeth healthy for a lifetime. Very young children from the time they get that first tooth should be encouraged to “brush”, or have a parent brush for them. Early Childhood Tooth Decay (ECTD) is also know as Baby Bottle Syndrome, and Early Childhood Caries. It…