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  • Tips to keep your kids’ teeth healthy

    Tips to keep your kids’ teeth healthy

    Good habits start early for children and healthy teeth are an important part of your child’s overall health.   Here are six tips to help your kids brush up on their oral health care skills.  Good daily habits can help keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime.

  • Healthy Smiles Ontario

    Healthy Smiles Ontario

    Healthy Smiles Ontario is a free dental program for eligible children and youth aged 17 and under. Good oral health is important to overall health. Your child should start visiting a dentist when they are 12 months old and to keep going regularly. Healthy Smiles Ontario covers regular check-ups, preventive care and treatment. Healthy Smiles Ontario…

  • Information, Resources & Reports

    Information, Resources & Reports

    There is information and support available for you and your family!  Below, you’ll find links to organizations who provide information about the importance of good oral health for kids and provide more tips on how to make a difference in your child’s health. Smiles 4 Canada – A confident smile is important. Your child may be…