Manager Dental & Oral Health Services

City of Toronto


Major Responsibilities:


Reporting to the Director, the Manager, Dental and Oral Health Services organizes, manages and maintains dental treatment and preventive programs for children, adolescents, high-risk mothers, and seniors while also managing unionized staff. 

  • Plans, organizes, evaluates and manages dental programs in an assigned geographic region

  • Develops and ensures implementation of program standards, policies and procedures that meet Royal College of Dental Surgeons practice and Ontario Public Health standards

  • Updates program objectives and components to reflect changes in dental knowledge, technology and community needs

  • Writes, reviews, approves and analyzes statistical and special reports

  • Provides advice and support to the Dental Director and other managers and staff concerning dental issues of public health significance

  • Participates in research projects. Liaises with dental, health, school and other community organizations to ensure effective implementation of dental health programs

  • Recommends appointments, conducts performance appraisals and manages professional, technical and other dental staff

  • Assists in the development, updating and implementation of appropriate city wide data collection and program evaluation methodology

  • Develops training programs in response to the continuing education and training needs of dental program staff

  • Assists in developing, managing and monitoring the dental program budget

  • Administers the municipal, provincial and other dental programs

  • Recruits, hires and orients new staff

  • Handles complaints and resolves problems with clients

  • Represents dental program on internal and external committees

  • Writes reports/articles on dental health issues

  • Plans, organizes and supervises student placements


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