OOHA Symposium 2019 Material

Person getting teeth checked by a dentist


Setting the context: Progress on Advocacy for Expanded Access to Dental Care

Sue Hochu & Anna Rusak, Ontario Oral Health Alliance

Making Effective Use of Resources at the Local Level - Examples from Communities across Ontario

Ashley Chiarello and Fran Berry, Niagara Dental Health Coalition

Jo-Anne Orton, Oxford Oral Health Initiative

Beatrice Costello, City of Hamilton, Public Health Services


Expanding Access to Dental Care in Canada

Dr. Peter Cooney, Former Chief Dental Officer for Canada


Getting ready for October's Federal Election

Jacquie Maund, Ontario Oral Health Alliance




  • Video -The Gap in Healthcare in Ontario

    This video introduces the problem of access to oral health care in our province in less than 4 minutes. Use this short but effective Whiteboard video as an advocacy tool to help influence community partners and local policy makers to take action to improve access to oral health care in Ontario click on the link to view the video:  https://youtu.be/LTB9bVxNnQc.


  • Lack of Access to Dental Care - UPDATED

    Did you know that every 9 minutes someone goes to an Emergency Room in Ontario because of dental pain & every 3 minutes someone goes to a doctor’s office in Ontario because of dental problems??

    Find out more about the lack of access to dental care in Ontario with this updated information sheet with dental related emergency room and doctor visit statistics.