Where to get help for dental problems

Smiling and satisfied man after treatment looks at teeth in mirror

Find a senior’s friendly dentist. You want to establish an ongoing relationship with someone who will look after your oral health needs for the rest of your life. You should attend a dentist in your community, who has easy access with no or few stairs. Some dentists specialize in looking after seniors. If you think you should see a special dentist contact your health department dental staff who will be able to tell you which dentists have easy access, accept and welcome seniors and which are specialists.

Having a sore mouth or putting up with discomfort in your mouth is not part of getting older. We all deserve healthy teeth and gums free from pain. Remember poor oral health can get you down.

It will:

  • Limit your social life, eating out with friends, smiling and chatting comfortably.
  • Stop you singing, with friends, in the choir
  • Turn your diet into “tea and toast”
  • Make you unhappy