Image of three children with text "Brush up on the facts: Keep kids teeth healthy - small actions today can affect your child's health tomorrow"

Good Oral Health Leads to Good Overall Health

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We are the Ontario Association of Pubilc Health Dentistry, working in your community to make the healthy choice the easy choice when it comes to your child’s oral health. Did you know that small changes, everyday, can make a big difference and help prevent tooth decay, pain and discomfort for your child?

Let’s look at the facts:

Tooth icon with text "Fact: Dental pain can cause missed school and may lead to problems with chewing, sleeping, concentrating and learning.
Dentist icon with text "Fact: Cavities are the leading cause of day surgery for children 1-5 years old."
Icon of dollar sign with text 'Fact: Free Dental care is available for eligible children and youth 0-17 years old."

Follow the links below to learn more about tips to keep your kids teeth healthy, how you might qualify for free dental care and great links to more information and activities.

Contact your local public health department or health unit to learn how we can help.

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