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There is information and support available for you and your family!  Below, you’ll find links to organizations who provide information about the importance of good oral health for kids and provide more tips on how to make a difference in your child’s health.

Smiles 4 Canada – A confident smile is important. Your child may be eligible for FREE braces if they are under 13 years of age and paying for them is a problem (some rules apply).

Ontario Dental Association – Did you know that it’s better to eat sweets at mealtime instead of between meals because the saliva made during meals will protect your teeth? Find out more about tooth friendly nutrition and other dental tips.

Dental Hygiene Canada – Get step by step instructions with pictures on how to brush and floss your child’s teeth, watch Dudley the Dinosaur’s First Visit to the Dentist with your child and more.

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Canadian Pediatric Society – Primary teeth give shape to your child’s face, help make space for adult teeth and are important for learning to eat and to speak. Find out when your baby will first get teeth and more.

Mouth Healthy Kids (American Dental Association) – Teach your child what sugar does to teeth with easy ‘do at home’ activities, download some catchy tooth brushing songs, help your child remember to brush by downloading a fun 2018 brushing calendar and more!

Oral Health Education for Teachers & Educators

Oral Health – More Than Just Cavities Report (King, 2012)

Oral Health Care for Children: Call to Action (Canadian Pediatric Society, 2013)

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Blue square with smiling character with google eyes and sugar cubes for teeth with one missing